The Sommerfest has foods to please a variety of tastes. One of the great things about the Sommerfest is that home cooked meals are available along with some foods you can only get during these three days of the year. Whatever you crave, you’ll be able to get a full stomach and then head into the bierstube.

Click on the vendor’s name to view a picture of their booth and/or menu.

  • Gibson Southern Marching Titans – Marching tacos, ribbon fries w/ cheese, fried green beans, bosco sticks, and drinks
  • Haubstadt Little League – Strombolis, burgers, pretzels w/ cheese, hot dogs, sodas, and water
  • Knights of Columbus – Pork chop sandwich, pork burger, german bologna, kraut balls, tea & lemonade
  • Knights of St. John – Chicken dinner, chicken & dumplings dinner, 1/4 chicken, dressing, sides, and drinks
  • Legion – Bratwursts
  • Lil’ Bun Boy’s Super Cinnamon Rolls – Cinnamon rolls, lemon shake-ups, and water
  • Mike Hope – Gyros, rib eye steak sandwiches, lemon shake-ups, chili cheese curly fries, and sweet tea
  • Nutty Bar Stand – Ice Cream Nutty Bars, Italian ice, frozen chocolate covered bananas
  • Pitstop – Polish & Italian sausages, brats, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and drinks
  • R & W Jumbo Corn Dogs – Italian and Polish sausage, breaded tenderloin, corn dog, french fries, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, sodas, lemon shake-ups, tea, and bottled water
  • Sati Babi – Shish kabobs, egg rolls,  and lemon shake-ups
  • St. James – Fish sandwiches, fried pickles, waffle cheese fries, ice cream, and brownie sundaes
  • Sts. Peter and Paul – Ham sandwich, cobblers, and ice cream

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